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Lesson 1

Hardware vs Software
comparing a car to a computer: software is the blueprint, hardware is what drops and breaks; purpose is transportation
Overview of the Computer
ON/OFF switch, disk drive, hard drive, file location, networks, printers to follow

Windows Operation System
Check which you are using: Windows XP, Windows Vista, new one to come out soon
* The Desktop
* Task Bar: Start Menu – opening and closing programs

Manipulating windows, open, close, resize, move

General Computer Concepts
What is an icon?
My Computer to look at files
Files and Folders
Create a working folder
Organize files so that the TODAYS FAMILY directory has a 2009MAY folder for us to work in.
Make sure you can find your directory

First Look at Microsoft Word
* Toolbars and Menus
  • Word wrap
  • Enter key
Mouse pointer
Create and save a file
Make sure you can find your directory and file

MS Word
Create, print, and save a file to make name tags for each student
add favorite food
"Michelle likes pizza"
Alter text
copy and paste
  • using mouse (not select
Format new text with fonts: Font size, Font Appearance
Font style: Bold, Italicize, Underline,
Format new text with spacing: expanded
Format new text with animation, color

  • preview
What will print out: shades of gray for color, no animation
Make sure you can find your directory and file

Create new file from existing file: Save vs Save as
.txt , .doc notepade and word
check the titlebar for program being used

* Explore the keyboard, scroll bars

Create a simple document - make changes
SAMPLE TO-DO list topics:
my groceries, president's, mr. trump's, secretary of state's, my pet's
align list title, insert date, add your name
numbered list
adding and subtracting items to list

  • Spell check
Make sure you can find your directory and file

* Shutdown Computer
ME: TODO Add jpg pictures, based on VE's course notes