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Lesson 2

Review My Computer to look at existing files and then new files.
MS Word
get todo list from last week
add an item to todo list, alter an item, delete an item

Review basic edits, spell check
Create new file from existing file: Save vs Save as
Select text in existing document
Edit using select text (mouse drag)
Adjust font style, font size
Bold, Italicize, Underline
Delete text
Copy and Paste

We had a lot of fun pulling up two word files and copying text back and forth.
We counted four different ways to do copy/paste, and I mentioned how to do this on an Apple computer:
pull-down menu, pop-up-menu, icon, keyboard (ctrl-c, ctrl-v)

We also played around with the toolbars (which Natalie's class stresed.)

* Undo and Redo

Format document: margins, page numbers
Tab key
internet email accounts
Set up gmail accounts.

email todo list as attachment to author
I emailed a job link to students' gmail accounts